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ACS provides a flexible support team to augment your daily maintenance and support requirements as well as expertise for a particular project or technology implementation. ACS support programs are designed to provide you with the capabilities of an entire IT department for less than the cost of retaining fulltime personnel.


We help small and medium sized businesses make the most of their technology investment. Our support options will reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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We understand how important a computer can be at a residence. In addition to fixing issues, we can help you set up home networks with MACs, PCs, Printers, etc.

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The first step to data protection is backups. We can design and install a backup scheme that fits your budget and needs. All our backup plans come with a local copy.

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We offer a one source solution for all your data & voice cabling needs. We can help you with design and installation of data, voice, and audio/video wiring & cabling.

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Get rid of your servers with our dynamically scalable cloud services. Get your business instant on demand computing and storage resources without the upfront costs.

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